Music for Early Years

Music for Early Years

Explore language development and understanding through song and actions.

The use of specific percussion instruments enables children to enjoy the fun of listening, turn-taking and sharing in a musical environment. This helps to build upon social and communicational skills.

It enables each child to feel acknowledged within the group allowing all their voices to be heard.

Children will explore a variety of styles of world music to expand on their awareness and cultural diversity.


The use of stories and poems from around the world will enhance this process in a fun and educational way.

Children always enjoy moving to music and musical games encourage this whilst developing active participation in learning.

Whole year group workshops allow every child the chance to experience music in a controlled environment through the active engagement and involvement of every child.

We believe that the engagement of Children in early years musical learning enhances their education and allows them to develop cognitive, motor, listening and confidence skills which can be applied in other areas.

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